Types of Brain Games That Attract Attention of Young Learners

Young learners, like the ones aged between seven and eight, can be erratic. Their curious and developing minds are always looking for things that will attract their attention. This means that even though brain games are a good way of teaching kids, there is a lot that goes into creating the perfect games for them. Otherwise, they may not benefit from the games. The type of games that attract young learners are:

Short and Simple

The attention span of eight-year-old is very short. Their brain is also not too well developed to process complex concepts. That is why the games that attract them should be short and easy. The theme of the game should be easy to follow so that they do not get frustrated as they try to play the games. Game developers should create the games in a way that the young learner can manoeuvre through it without always being helped.

Adventerous Themes

Children are always looking for adventures and things that can stimulate their minds. The essence of brain games is to provide fun with learning. Good brain games should have aspects of adventure either in the form of a puzzle, or mystery characters that they have to chase. Check out learning games for 8 year olds that have been rated highly by learners and teachers due to their adventurous features.


It goes without saying that young people will be more attracted to brain games that have been creatively created. Using a wide range of colour, animation, songs, and dance are among the ways that game creators can inject some creativity into their games. They should ask themselves what is unique about their games and how young people will benefit from them. The games should educate the learners and at the same time entertain the learners.